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Clarke Engineering Services is an independently owned and operated engineering services company that specializes in equipment design, commissioning, installation and integration, validation and project management for various industries, including the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.

Our engineering services philosophy is based on exceeding customer needs by providing cost-effective engineering solutions to improve the quality, performance, efficiency and safety of new and existing plant operations while working within industry regulations. CES understands cGMP and validation requirements and assures that projects we support maintain the SISPQ of the product.

What sets CES apart from our competitors is our staff of experienced engineers who are available to help support and implement all customer project needs.

CES works with its customers by either acting as a representative or by complementing existing in-house engineering teams. We do not have agreements with any specific equipment manufacturer, which provides a significant advantage when evaluating new equipment.

The experience behind CES enables effective engineering support by providing trained engineers that can hit the ground running on both large- and small-scale projects. Throughout these projects, CES has demonstrated its ability to deliver both large- and small-scale projects on time and within budget.

Clarke Engineering Services, Inc. • 9100 Fall View Drive, Fishers, IN 46037 • Tel: 317.849.0330 • Fax: 317.849.0033